Model 320


      Hi-Fi Sound System Model 320 offered by the Slonov Sound Design provides maximum sound at minimum expenses!

      The offered sound system belongs to the basic system Series 300. The objective of Model 320 development was to create a system combining alternative qualities harmoniously, in particular, high sound that is intrinsic traditionally to Slonov Sound Design acoustics and small sizes. Just making the speakers larger a little compared to Model 310, the company has managed to ensure a bass loudspeaker with the necessary volume, and to integrate 10-inch loudspeaker used in the Series 100 into the midrange speaker. At the same time, internal space of the bass unit differs slightly from regular sphere, and the midrange unit has regular spherical volume.

      The design of Model 320 keeps all the specific elements used in the Slonov Sound Design's speaker systems. Analogous to the Model 310, this model has relatively small size and more affordable price compared to the systems Series 100 and 200.

      Acoustics of this model as all the rest sound systems offered by the Slonov Sound Design has been developed using the best engineering solutions in the field of sound-reproducing system designing, which make us hope that the audiophiles and designers who are capable to distinguish good from the best will appreciate the qualities of this model.

      Refer to section CONTACTS, if you would like to make arrangements for listening to Hi-Fi Sound System Model 320 or to buy it.

      We would like to invite you to the 18th International Exhibition Hi-Fi & High End SHOW where Sound Systems Series 300 designed by Slonov Sound Design (in particular Model 320) will be displayed.


Three-Way Vented-Box System w/o Passive Filter

HF: 1х ø 25 mm silk dome
MF: 1х ø 250 mm (10”) loudspeaker with paper cone
LF: 1х ø 300 mm (12”) loudspeaker with paper cone

Frequency range
35 Hz – 30 000 Hz

HF: 90 dB/W/m
MF: 98 dB/W/m
LF: 97 dB/W/m

Maximum sound pressure
127 dB

Nominal impedance
HF: 4 Ω (min. 3 Ω)
MF: 8 Ω (min. 5.1 Ω)
LF: 8 Ω (min. 5.2 Ω)

Crossover frequencies:
LF-MF below 200 Hz
MF-HF below 3000 Hz

Recommended amplifier output:
HF: up to 100 W
MF: 100 – 400 W
LF: 100 – 500 W

Height: 1300 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Net weight: 140 kg


Home Hi-Fi Sound System Model 320 designed by the Slonov Sound Design.

      This section provides you with an opportunity to evaluate all specifics of Home Hi-Fi Sound System Model 320, which is presented here in three basic colours and two options of art painting: Black, White, Red, "Fiery Extravaganza", and "Acoustic Etude".

     We would like to draw your attention that these are just a few examples.  Whenever you decide to order a sound system of any series in our company you can invent own design. Do not limit your imagination! We implement your fantasies in colour!

Пожалуйста, подождите 15 - 30 сек. Идет загрузка виртуального конфигуратора.


      All acoustics in our company is made to order, which provides you with unlimited possibilities as to the future system design. You may choose not only any colour, its tint or order art painting for the system, but custom its entire design! By designing a sound system to order, we make it as special and unique as its owner.  

      On the left, you can find Photo Configurator.  By clicking on colour icons placed under Photo Configurator, you can switch easily from one image to another.

     On the right, you can find Flash-Configurator.  It turns sound system through 360˚, making you possible to view it from different angles. You can stop rotation at any time by capturing a flash-image with the left mouse button, and view interesting system parts and angles in details.  By pressing on "Space" key, you can open the image in real size.  

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