Model 310


       Model 310 home sound systems offered by the Slonov Sound Design – create compact realization for high sound!

       Basic Level Hi-Fi Sound System from the Slonov Sound Design is represented by the range of systems series 300.  The design of Model 310 is worth to be mentioned specifically, since it presents some departure from traditions and typical elements used in the design of all sound systems made by the Slonov Sound Design. This is an excellent example of home sound system made to order, since the offered model is designed based on individual sketches and wishes of the client with consideration of dimensions and interior peculiarities of the room planned to be fitted with qualitative sound-producing system. Small dimensions of this system are its major specifics, but this did not hinder to create sound-producing acoustics that practically impossible to differ from live.

      Simple straight lines, laconic and luxury free design as well as modest size of this system compared to the systems Series 100 and 200 make it classical representative of Hi-Fi systems.

      Live sound of this system combined with classical design transforms it into a real discovery for the audiophiles having a thrilling attitude to the shape with integrated sound.

      However, not only structural peculiarities and laconic design of acoustics itself make it a favourite among the admirers of good sound, but application of the principle of "active filtering" in the systems that allows optimal tuning of the entire system consistent with specifics of the room selected for listening.  All this makes the offered acoustics standing out among home sound systems of similar level.

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Three-Way Vented-Box System w/o Passive Filter

HF: 1х ø 25 mm silk dome
MF: 1х ø 200 mm (8”) loudspeaker with paper cone
LF: 1х ø 300 mm (12”) loudspeaker with paper cone

Frequency range
40 Hz – 30 000 Hz

HF: 90 dB/W/m
MF: 98 dB/W/m
LF: 97 dB/W/m

Maximum sound pressure
127 dB

Nominal impedance
HF: 4 Ω (min. 3 Ω)
MF: 8 Ω (min. 5.2 Ω)
LF: 8 Ω (min. 5.2 Ω)

Crossover frequencies:
LF-MF below 200 Hz
MF-HF below 3000 Hz

Recommended amplifier output:
HF: up to 100 W
MF: 100 – 400 W
LF: 100 – 500 W

Height: 1120 mm
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Net weight: 90 kg


      Hi-Fi Active Sound System Series 300 designed by the Slonov Sound Design

      This section will provide you with possibility to evaluate all the specifics of Hi-Fi Active Sound System Series 300 available in five basic colours: Black, White, Beige, Red, and Yellow.

      Our company makes all the sound systems to order, which provide you with unlimited opportunities to customize your future system, it means that you may choose not only any colour, its tint or order art painting for the system, but custom its entire design! We make not just sound systems to order, but we transfer your individuality into design of the sound-reproducing system!

Пожалуйста, подождите 15 - 30 сек. Идет загрузка виртуального конфигуратора.


      To view images, click on one of the colour options below the image of selected Hi-Fi Sound System.

      On the right, you can find Flash-Configurator, which turns sound system through 360˚, making you possible to view it from different angles. You can stop rotation at any time by capturing a flash-image with the left mouse button, and view interesting items and angles in details.  By capturing the image, you may rotate it with simple mouse move in any direction. By pressing on "Space" key, you can open Flash-Configurator in real size. Flash-Configurator makes you also possible to have a good look at structural peculiarities of Hi-Fi Sound System Series 200 and to view this system without a body, which allows understanding its internal design.

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