Series 300 – Basic Level Hi-Fi Sound System offered by the Slonov Sound Design

The company manufactures systems of three series.  This page makes you familiar with specifics of Series 300.

Among the range of Slonov Sound Design systems, Series 300 represents Hi-Fi acoustics of basic level.  These systems differ from the systems Series 100 and 200 with smaller size and more affordable price. Smaller size gives advantages as to sound system placement in the room, however, it requires departure from an ideal spherical form of the speaker internal space and use of unpretentious 12-inch bass loudspeaker. This does not affect accuracy of musical instruments sounding, which is important for chamber music and jazz, but scale and authenticity of the symphonic orchestra sounding correspond to the initial-level system. 

Since the Slonov Sound Design acoustics is made to order in the first place, it becomes obvious that a client can be offered various solutions within the series as to external shape, proportions, colours, sizes as well as use of midrange loudspeaker. Accordingly, a sound system could be created that fits to maximum not only to a client's interior, but his/her expectations of sounding.

Using the service "Configurator" added to description of each sound-reproducing system on the site you may experiment with the colours and imagine the look of your future acoustics.

Refer to section CONTACTS or call the phone number: +7 (903) 136-23-64, if you would like to make arrangements for listening to Basic Level Hi-Fi Sound System or to order it.

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